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These two books started out as a transformative writing process, an attempt at healing the many traumas I carried with me for decades. After almost nine years of writing and rewriting, I discovered within myself, space. A place called peace. The stories that had once tortured me, were now in between the covers of these two books, freeing me, opening my heart to new energy and life.

I recognized within myself new vulnerability, strength, courage and hope. I also knew these were available to everyone. If I could do this, so could others.

It’s within..always.

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Featured Image -- 4004Do you feel you don’t belong; that you don’t fit-in in this world?

Have you experienced abuse, adoption, loss, and grief?

The Wall of Secrets was how I survived those feelings of not belonging, not fitting-in; not being wanted or loved.

Each drawer holds one of my traumas, one of my secrets. Not only do adoptee’s struggle with these feelings, but perhaps everyday people like you do as well.

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IMG_4906Have you ever wanted something so badly it was all you could think of?

All you could talk about, write about, dream about.

Claire did. She wanted a horse.

Finding Heart Horse is her journey and her search for her Heart Horse. It takes her from being “the girl most likely to succeed” to a life on the streets of Yorkville in the late sixties. As an adopted child  she had no identity, no history, and no place where she “fit.”

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